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A Third Doctor (also known as the Chicago Doctor, the Boston Doctor, and the East Coast Doctor) is an alternate incarnation of the Third Doctor. He was played by Drew Hamilton during the Gallifrey One live show in February 2020.

As the events of this live show are not considered canon, neither is this incarnation of the Doctor.


After the Second Doctor was shot and killed by the Daleks while trying to infiltrate one of their prison camps, he regenerated in a Third Doctor, who used his excess regeneration energy to destroy the Daleks.

This Doctor spoke exclusively in Russian, which was translated by the TARDIS telepathic circuits into English by way of an East Coast American accent. His appearance is never described.


  • Ian Chesterton
  • Tegan Jovanka
  • Craig Owens and Stormageddon


  • Though this Third Doctor is the first non-canonical iteration of the Doctor to appear on the podcast, an adventure featuring almost exclusively non-canonical Doctors occurred at the previous year's Gallifrey One live show.
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