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Adric was a companion of the Fourth and Fifth incarnations of the Doctor. He is notable for being the first major companion to die in Doctor Who.

In The Game of Rassilon, Adric has been used to represent the Doctor's guilt on two occasions.

Within The Game of Rassilon[]

Adric's history prior to their appearance in The Game of Rassilon can be found on the TARDIS Data Core.

The Riley!Doctor encountered an illusory copy of Adric inside Reyla's TARDIS, a manifestation of her own guilt. (Active Decay)

She encountered another such illusion of Adric within the Labyrinth, who debated with her as to whether she has the right to interfere, and whether it is worth fighting against death and entropy. The Doctor won the debate, though the last line of her defense - "Who else is gonna do it?" - was echoed by a diary entry written by a prior incarnation who is implied to have erased a former companion from history to avoid heartache. (Perfection)

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Adric is voiced on both occasions by game master Ben Paddon.
  • In his appearance in Perfection, Adric specifically asks about the futility of fighting back entropy. Entropy was a key theme in the season of Doctor Who in which the character was introduced.
  • His appearance in Perfection also came with an explainer for the audience's benefit, describing who Adric is and his relationship with the Doctor.
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