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Ben Paddon served as Game Master for The Game of Rassilon during seasons 1-3, planning the campaign with Michael Nixon. They also voiced the War Doctor, the only incarnation of the Doctor to appear on the show and not be voiced by a special guest.

For season 4, Ben is instead returning as a player character named Lita. They are succeeded in the GM role by Riley Silverman. They are also taking over editing and sound design duties from David King, who left at the end of season 3.

Ben is the originator of The Game of Rassilon, having originally GM'd a live show under the same name at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, and SD Who Con in San Diego. When the show transitioned to a narrative actual-play podcast, the only players to continue from the live shows were Dan Peck and Michael Nixon, though Joseph Scrimshaw later went on to appear as a guest player as the Previous Doctor.

As well as the podcast, Ben is also the creator of the YouTube series PortsCenter, executive producer and writer for the scifi comedy webcomic and upcoming audio drama Jump Leads, and co-host of the podcasts The Life Toyetic with Ben and Molly and Out on her Fanny: A Podcast About The Nanny. They are also a standup comedian performing in the Los Angeles area.


  • Stepped down as Game Master entirely of their own free will.

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