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Devils From The Deep
Season: 1
Story Number: 5
Doctor: Riley!Doctor
Companions: Travis Killian
Amelia Earhart
Featuring: Roman
Main Setting: Hawaii
No. Episodes: 2
Release Dates: 2019-06-19
Total Running Time: TBD
Previous Story: The Handheld War
Following Story: Hard-Wired

Devils From The Deep is the fifth serial in the first season of The Game of Rassilon. It was announced on Twitter by GM Ben Paddon, along with the release date and the album artwork.


A short break on a sunny Hawaiian beach soon turns sinister when a lone soldier approaches them seeking help.


Part 1[]

The TARDIS materializes on a beach in Kauai, Hawaii on a clear day, and the Doctor decides that Team TARDIS should enjoy a day at the beach. Before long, however, a dog runs up to them. The Doctor is able to tell that the dog is asking for help, and immediately follows. After passing a small minefield, the Doctor finds a small speedboat containing the dead body of a UNIT officer killed by what would appear to be a Silurian weapon.

Out in the ocean, a small cluster of rigs are visible, and the Doctor, Travis, Milley and the dog (identified as a UNIT officer named Sergeant Puppers), head out in the speedboat. Along the way, however, they are attacked by a giant crab. Travis recalls that crabs are sensitive to light and fires a flare gun in its direction, temporarily blinding it.

They arrive at the rig to find a small troop of UNIT soldiers - Corporals Barton and Hartley, and Sergeant Tombs. The rigs make up PACMISS, the Pacific Missile Control Station, formerly a launch site for a nearby nuclear missile silo, now decommissioned. The troop was there to "Doctor-proof" it, preventing the Doctor from accessing it and denying UNIT future access to the missiles. However, the base is no longer under UNIT control - it has been occupied by the Sea Devils.

Part 2[]

Alternative artwork used for Part 2.

To be added





  • Corporal Barton
  • Corporal Hartley
  • Sergeant Tombs
  • Sergeant Puppers
  • Sea Devils
  • Giant Crab


  • Ho (deceased)


  • Riley compares the giant crab to the Macra, a race of giant grabs previously encountered by the Second and Tenth Doctors.
  • Barton and Sgnt. Puppers reappear in The Russian Worm.
  • This is the last of Roman's end-of-episode cameos during season 1.
  • Travis later receives the receives the spacetime coordinates for Roman to rescue Millie in Family.


  • This is the first serial where the title and album artwork for a forthcoming serial has been revealed ahead of time. They were revealed, along with the release date, by Ben Paddon on June 4th 2019 via Twitter.(Link)
  • This serial uniquely uses two pieces of cover art. The first depicts the UNIT patch, while the second shows the Sea Devils - the first use of a classic monster on the cover album art.


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