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Disneyland is a theme park located in Anaheim, CA.

In The Game of Rassilon[]

After rescuing Millie from certain death in the depths of the sinking PACMISS complex, Roman took her to Disneyland's opening day on July 17th, 1955 to take a break from "the plan", and to also share information with her concerning the Doctor. This conversation was interrupted when Time Lord soldiers arrived en masse to arrest Roman. Roman used a Time Ring to send Millie away. While she escaped, Roman was captured by Maxil and taken back to Gallifrey. (Roman Holiday]])

The arrival of dozens of TARDISes in one location caused a "Swiss Cheese" effect on time within the park, giving Disneyland a "timeless" feel. This, in turn, led to the opening of temporal rifts within the park. Somnivores in the shape of cats made their home there - they made an arrangement with "the Mustache Man" to take care of the rifts by feeding on the happiness and joy of park guests and converting it into psychic energy which would be used to keep the rifts closed.

However, with the closure of Disneyland in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guests were no longer visiting the park, depriving the Somnivores of their source of food. One of the Somnivores, Charlie, went out in search of food. This then led three teenagers - Voss, Wil and Brendan - to the park, where they worked with the Somnivores to close the rifts. (The Game of Classilon: Jinkies & Zoinks)

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In reality, the only severe issue experienced during Disneyland's opening day were high volumes of attendees, and excessive heat causing the not-yet-settled asphalt to melt.
  • Disneyland has the distinction of being a location (of group of locations) that has been referenced multiple times across Doctor Who media, though the Doctor themself has never actually been there.
  • Within The Game of Rassilon, Millie and Roman are the only regular or recurring player characters to have been to Disneyland. Within Patreon one-shots, the Doctor, Travis and Carrie make a brief cameo at the end of The Game of Classilon: Jinkies & Zoinks continuing their search for Toontown.