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Doctor Who Day Specials are episodes released on November 23rd of any given year to celebrate #DoctorWhoDay, better known as the anniversary of the first broadcast of An Unearthly Child in 1963.

The first Doctor Who Day Special is Recursion of the Daleks. The episode was two hours in length, contained key elements of the original show in the form of the Daleks, and featured the appearance of the Previous Doctor, mirroring many Doctor Who anniversary specials which featured appearances from multiple past Doctors. The second, The Enemy Within, was also a two-hour episode and featured the Master, as well as the final appearance of Riley Silverman as the Doctor.

List of Doctor Who Day Specials[]

Doctor Who Day Specials
No. Title Release Enemy Guest Players / Cameos
17 Recursion of the Daleks 2020-11-23 Daleks Joseph Scrimshaw
26 The Enemy Within 2021-11-23 The Master Dino Andrade