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Fnarg was a security guard at Epoch Talent. The only alien guard encountered by the Doctor, Travis and Millie during the adventure, Fnarg is described as having green skin and three legs. He is also notable for his distinctive, ugly crying. He is later offered a job on an unnamed police force after the Doctor prods one of the officers in his direction.

Fnarg was later found at Colony 47 where he helped the Doctor rescue the residents, becoming the de facto Sheriff of a community deep inside of the TARDIS called TARDIS Town. He was involved in investigating the murder of a resident there. He left with the rest of the TARDIS Town residents to found a colony named after lost TARDIS companion Amelia Earhart.

He later moved to the planet Trope, where he opened a detective agency and had a son, Grarg. When Fnarg went missing while investigating bootleg Trans-Mat pads, Grarg called a phone number found on a Post-It on his father's desk. This was, in fact, the phone number for the Doctor's TARDIS, and the Doctor, Travis and Carrie helped Grarg track down his father.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Fnarg's name comes from a joke made by former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat in 2009 as a joke number for what became series 5 following a minor controversy after it was announced that Matt Smith's debut season would be marketed as "series one" and then, later, as "series 11.1".