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Dr. Joan Hodgman was an the head of Research & Development for the Staycation Dome. While there she worked to refine, improve and enhance the Reality Engine, the technology that allowed vacationers to travel to alternate realities.


The Staycation Dome[]

In reality, Hodgman was in fact from a parallel universe and had replaced the Hodgman of this universe in order to take over and control the Staycation Dome.

Hodgman stated she'd figured out how to permanently kill a Time Lord using the Reality Engine, although it took her a couple of goes.

Ultimately, Hodgman lost control of the Reality Engine and the Staycation Dome when, due to the thinning of the Web of Time surrounding Colony 47, the membrane of reality tore causing parallel versions of Staycation employees, including Hodgman herself, to manifest within the facility. Many of them were feral. The colony was collapsed, in part due to the space-time rifts but also due to the interference of Rassilon, who arrived to mend reality and take the Doctor and her companions into custody. Hodgman is presumed to have died when the colony collapsed.(Getaway)

Dalek Puppet Doppelganger[]

Colony 47 was revealed to actually be a version of Skaro after the Time Lords had eliminated the Daleks from history. (Getaway) When the Doctor stopped Rassilon and the Keeper from activating the Perfector and destroying all of reality, the Daleks were restored to their rightful point in space and time. (The Enemy of the Good)

However, a handful of survivors from the Colony 47 event remained on Skaro after the timeline was restored, and they were consequently captured and turned into Dalek Puppets. A parallel-universe version of Hodgman was used by the Daleks to reverse-engineer the prototype version of the Perfector that had been used to remove the Daleks from history, with the end goal of replacing every planet in the universe with a copy of Skaro.

However, Hodgman and the Daleks were foiled by the Doctor, her companions, and her previous incarnation. The team are able to use a Mind Probe that this Hodgman had built to extract the Daleks' plans and find a way ti foil them. (Recursion of the Daleks)

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Hodgman is named for American author, podcaster and humorist John Hodgman. Another Staycation Dome employee, Jessie, is named for Jessie Thorne, with whom Hodgman cohosts the podcast Judge John Hodgman.