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General Maxil was a member of the Gallifreyan Chancellery Guard before eventually being promoted to General during the events of the Time War. He survived the Time War without ever dying, meaning he kept his appearance - which matched that of the Sixth Doctor - until he was shot by Roman aboard Meat Base Alpha.

Pursuit of the Doctor[]

Tasked with tracking down the Doctor on behalf of the Time Lords, Maxil caught up with the Doctor and Roman at Meat Base Alpha where he successfully impounded the Doctor's TARDIS. After the Doctor escaped, however, Maxil was prepared to kill Roman, only to get shot in the gut, forcing his first regeneration. As his form changed, Maxil was filled with one desire - to capture and kill the Doctor.

Maxil later caught up with Roman at Disneyland, California on opening day as Roman had brought Millie there. Maxil's new form was of a lean black man in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and a Goofy baseball cap. Roman helped Millie escape with the aid of a Time Ring, leaving Roman's fate unknown.

Maxil later caught up with the Doctor, Travis and Millie on Colony 47 and was prepared to kill the Doctor, but was ordered to hold off by Rassilon.

Parallel Universe[]

In a parallel universe, Maxil had killed Rassilon - self-proclaimed Emperor of the Time Lords - and placed himself in power, but he was too late to undo whatever Rassilon had done. He was torturing the Doctor's previous incarnation. In this universe, Maxil retained his original face and had not regenerated.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Maxil appeared in one classic Doctor Who story, Arc of Infinity, where he was played by Colin Baker.
    • In The Handheld War, the players posit that Maxil would look like present-day Colin Baker as opposed to his appearance circa 1982.
  • Maxil's second incarnation is explicitly described as resembling British actor Paterson Joseph.