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New Moon Rising
Season: 2
Story Number: 14
Doctor: Riley!Doctor
Companions: Travis Killian
Carrie Vu
Main Enemy: Cybermen
The Monks of Miri
Main Setting: Lost moon of Mondas, 2086
No. Episodes: 2
Release Dates: 2020-08-05
Total Running Time: 198 minutes
Previous Story: Swipe Right
Following Story: Both Ends Burning

New Moon Rising is the seventh serial of Season 2. It marks the debut of Kate Lê as a regular castmember, as opposed to her previous appearance in Swipe Right where she was billed as a special guest.

It also features the Cybermen in their second appearance this season, following a cameo appearance in the season premiere, and the second return of a classic series foe after the Master appeared in Family.


The Doctor, Travis, and newcomer Carrie arrive on a strange moon that holds the secrets of a dead civilization.


Part 1[]

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Part 2[]

Alternative artwork used for Part 2.

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  • Cyber-Keeper
  • Shalhoub
  • Anika Patel
  • Zhenya Seleznyov
  • Don Stanley


  • Shalhoub's brother


  • This serial can be seen as a sequel of sorts to the TV stories The Tenth Planet and Kill the Moon.
  • This is Carrie's first trip in the TARDIS, and also her first trip off-world, though the moon is still in orbit of Earth.
  • Zhenya Seleznyov is the second NPC in the show's run to use gender-neutral they/them pronouns, the first being Barton from Devils From The Deep and The Russian Worm.
  • Travis is once again influenced and possessed by an external technological source. (Evolve or Die)
  • The Cyber-Keeper, a repository of all Cyberman knowledge, is similar in concept to the Cyberium, first seen in the TV story The Haunting of Villa Diodati. In Travis' mind, it takes the form of an 80s-era Cyberman, as seen from Earthshock to Silver Nemesis.
  • Travis is able to reform a simulacrum of the Wire from his subconscious. (Hard-Wired)
  • The Doctor specifically refers to the events of the TV stories World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls - the genesis of the Cybermen. The Cyber-Keeper responds by referring to the deaths of Bill Potts and, possibly, the Master.
  • The Doctor references Bessie, the car she drove primarily in her third incarnation.
  • The Doctor uses the TARDIS to pull Mondas' moon out of the Earth's orbit. (Journey's End)


  • Around the 8:55 mark, Ben starts vocalizing the bass beat from "The System is Down" from Strong Bad Email #45.
  • Shalhoub is named for Tony Shalhoub, who is known for playing the titular character of the TV series Monk. Other characters, particularly Don, occasionally refer to Shalhoub as "Mr. Monk" or "Mr. Shalhoub".
  • In a rare peek behind the curtain, Ben reveals that the intent was not for the Cyber-Keeper to possess Travis, suggesting that the Cyber-Keeper may have been intended to possess someone else. Nevertheless, this does feed neatly into the ongoing arc of Travis' digitally augmented mind.
  • Reference is made, once again, to "do the do".


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