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Our Doctor is the term used to described the Doctor as a Player Character within The Game of Rassilon.

The term exclusively refers to the Doctor as they appear as a core player in the series, and not to guest players playing different incarnations such as the Previous Doctor in Recursion of the Daleks, or live-show Doctors such as a Third Doctor.

Incarnations of the Doctor[]

Our Doctor[]

Other incarnations of the Doctor unique to the podcast[]

Incarnations of the Doctor
Player Character Doctors Riley Silverman's DoctorDan Peck's Doctor
Past Doctors First DoctorWar DoctorTwelfth DoctorThe Doctor of LossThe Doctor of PeaceThe Previous Doctor
Live Show Doctors
Not considered canonical
Second DoctorA Third DoctorFourth DoctorTenth DoctorEleventh Doctor"The Stranger" DoctorDr. Who