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This Doctor awoke in her TARDIS after having crashed on Earth in the early 90s with no memory of how she regenerated and a note pinned to her jacket with one word on it, written in her own handwriting - "Run." After spending several months repairing the TARDIS, during which time she discovered a randomiser fitted into the console, she eventually traveled to a 51st-century museum operated by a company called Epoch Talent. While there she discovered and subsequently rescued Travis Killian and Amelia Earhart, promising to eventually take them home.



  • Riley Silverman's Doctor has only ever been referred to by the the show as "our Doctor". While a previous incarnation exists, no information as to which incarnation that may be has been given.
  • Silverman is a trans woman, and stated in the first episode of the show that she will be playing the character "as if [she] had been cast in the BBC series Doctor Who." However, she has opted to leave the specifics of her Doctor's gender identity up to the listener - her Doctor is a woman using she/her pronouns, and listeners are welcome to interpret her Doctor as trans or cis.
  • Silverman previously played a version of the Doctor in another actual-play show; a one-off livestream special for HyperRPG.
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