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The Previous Doctor is the incarnation that immediately precedes the Riley!Doctor.


The Plan[]

This incarnation of the Doctor, having learned of a divide between the Time Lords and the Sisterhood of Karn, opted to act on the information he had to try and repair the divide and stop Rassilon from achieving his ultimate goal. Believing that what he knew would make it impossible to stop him, however, the Doctor divised a plan, apparently at some point involving Roman. (The Handheld War) He opted to erase parts of his own memory, and prepare a Labyrinth where his memories would be returned and restored in his next incarnation. (Perfection)

The Two Doctors[]

The Previous Doctor eventually met his next incarnation in person on an, at the time, unknown planet. He needed her presence to finish knitting together the Web of Time. However upon their journey from her TARDIS to his, they discovered they were on a fully-restored Skaro. There they learned that the Daleks were planning to use a warped version of Rassilon's Perfector to replace every planet in the universe with a copy of Skaro, populated with potentially billions of Daleks.

The two Doctors, along with Carrie and Travis, worked to stop this plan at the cost of the Previous Doctor's life. Together, they took him back to his TARDIS where they met Roman at the earliest point in his personal history. The next Doctor revealed the entirety of the plan to both of them, and left the TARDIS before the Previous Doctor regenerated into her. (Recursion of the Daleks)

Undated events[]

At some point, this version of the Doctor had an encounter with the Master. Originally pitted against each other, their interests eventually dovetailed, requiring them to team up to stop the Slitheen. (Family)

Alternate versions[]

In another timeline, this version of the Doctor was captured and tortured by a version of Maxil who had become Emperor of Gallifrey. Our Doctor materialized in the torture chamber in the Capitol, replacing her previous incarnation, whose coat she recognized laying upon a table, and whose cane lay broken on the floor.


The Previous Doctor had a strong desire to keep moving forward, and advised the Riley!Doctor to keep doing the same. He was very receptive to advice and suggestion, taking onboard Carrie's advice about offering help to others. He liked cookies and granola bars.

Behind the Scenes[]

The Previous Doctor is played by Joseph Scrimshaw, who appeared in the earliest versions of the live show at Gallifrey One. Scrimshaw has previously played as Peri and the First Doctor in these shows.

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