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Riley Silverman is a writer, comedian, actress and podcaster based in Los Angeles, CA. She played the Doctor from seasons 1-3 of The Game of Rassilon. For season 4, she will be taking over as GM.

As well as participating in The Game of Rassilon, Silverman also plays for a number of other tabletop RPG livestream shows including Hyper RPG's Rat Queens RPG and Saving Throw's The Broken Pact. She also previously played a version of the Doctor for a HyperRPG Doctor Who livestream.

Outside of RPGs, Silverman is a writer for Troubled Waters, a podcast on the Maximum Fun network. She has also made appearances on other Maximum Fun shows including Jordan, Jesse, Go! and Trends Like These. She has performed standup comedy at a number of venues across the US. She also appeared in two episodes of the Seeso Original series Take My Wife.

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