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The Game of Rassilon's third live show took place at SD Who Con 2017. This was the second live show to take place at SD Who Con, and the third overall. It is also the first time that an adventure from a previous live show had been rerun, with the campaign largely mirroring the one used at Gallifrey One earlier that year.


The Doctor and his companions have arrived at a large museum starship just in time for the unveiling of a new statue - a Weeping Angel.


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  • The Weeping Angels would later appear in Where Angels Fear To Trek.
  • Ray Bender and Mazz Mazzacano are the first people to make multiple performances in the pre-podcast version of the live show, and Ray is the first person to play the same character in two consecutive shows.
  • This adventure features the Fourth Doctor acting distinctly out-of-character, with Paul J. Salamoff having the Doctor physically attack an enemy using a Jelly Baby.


  • This is the first of two "rerun" live shows, both of which took place at SD Who Con.