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Season 4 , branded as The Game of Rassilon: Regenerated, debuts June 1st, 2022.


The road to Season 4[]

The end of season 3 marked several changes both within the narrative and production of the show. The 2021 Doctor Who Day Special, The Enemy Within, concluded with the Doctor regenerating as Riley Silverman handed off the character to Dan Peck - Peck's character, Travis, having departed the show two serials prior.

Similarly, The Enemy Within was Ben Paddon's final serial as Game Master. Much as the final scene of an outgoing showrunner's last episode of modern Doctor Who has traditionally been written by their successor, Silverman GM'd the final scene of The Enemy Within. Silverman is confirmed to be GMing season 4, with Paddon returning as a PC. Michael Nixon will remain the show's Engineer and campaign co-writer.

Finally, season 3 marked the end of the use of the original Doctor Who Roleplaying Game rules. As of season 4, they will be using Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game - Second Edition, released digitally by Cubicle 7 in July 2021, with a physical release following in Q2 2022. The Second Edition made its debut on the podcast in Time Squared, a live show recorded in February at Gallifrey One: Thirty-Second to Midnight in Los Angeles, CA and released to the feed in March.

On January 12th 2022, the podcast dropped the Season 3 credits into the main feed. Whereas previous season credits have specified an expected return time for the show, the Season 3 credits simply end with "The Game of Rassilon will return...", though no date or time frame for season 4 was included.

Production begins[]

On January 16th, Dan Peck posted "Hey, all, guess what we just finished recording??" in the #announcements channel of the Game of Rassilon Patreon Discord. This was followed later that evening by Ben Paddon posting a photo of the cover for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game - Second Edition on their Instagram and Twitter with the caption "It's been a good day."

On February 6th, Ben tweeted that they would be recording the second serial of season 4 the following day.

The teaser art for season 4.

On February 19th, at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, CA, the cast (sans Châu Kate Lê, who did not attend) announced that the new season would begin on June 1st, 2022. A teaser image for Season 4 was posted to The Game of Rassilon Instagram and Twitter accounts shortly afterward announcing the same date, along with a new title for the season: "The Game of Rassilon: Regenerated".

During the same live show, Riley Silverman also revealed that she will be referring to herself as the "Game Missy" rather than Game Master - a term that appears within the Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game - Second Edition Core Rulebook.

On March 27th, the website for The Game of Rassilon was relaunched. The website features a new logo utilizing the "Regenerated" subtitle, and updates the "Meet the Team" section with everyone's roles for season 4, with the exception of Ben Paddon who is listed as playing "a yet-be-named companion." The About page has also been updated to reflect the use of the Second Edition of the game, and links to the show's Patreon and this wiki are more prominently placed.

On April 10th, Michael Nixon posted on the Patreon Discord that "Episodes 407 and 408 are in the can and they are both fully buckwild."

Marketing and release[]

The season artwork was unveiled on social media on May 9th.

A trailer for the season dropped on the main feed, as well as on the show's various social media accounts, on June 14th. This trailer featured dialog from upcoming adventures and revealed the name of Ben's character - Lita. Michael Nixon is also heard playing a character named in the subtitles as "male voice," either an NPC or a yet-to-be-revealed player character. The trailer explicitly named the show as "The Game of Rassilon: Regenerated" and featured the slogan "New Doctor. New GM. New Rules."

Season 4 Serials[]

Season Four (2022)
No. Title Release Date Enemy Notes
27a Missing Time 2022-06-01 First multi-episode story with individual episode titles.
27b Living Space 2022-06-15