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The Tenth Doctor was the eleventh incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor.

Within the Game of Rassilon[]


Though the Tenth Doctor has not appeared in the podcast, the existence of the War Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor presupposes his existence in podcast canon.

Live Shows[]

The Tenth Doctor, along with companions Jack Harkness and Donna Noble, stumbled upon a crashed Dalek ship on the English coast. They successfully destroyed the ship and escaped. (San Diego Who Con 2016 Live Show)

Later, the Tenth Doctor teamed up with Dr. Who, a version of the Doctor with amnesia, and King James I (actually Missy in disguise) to collect elements of a dangerous alien artifact at a Babylon 5 convention. (Gallifrey One 2019 Live Show)

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Tenth Doctor holds the distinction of being the very first Doctor to appear in any Game of Rassilon adventure.

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