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The Doctor was an incarnation of the Doctor that existed after the Twelfth Doctor and another Doctor, but before the previous Doctor and the Riley!Doctor.


Following an unseen adventure, this Doctor wrote in his diary about the nature of conversation, and extending the olive branch of peace. He later went on to muse about whether the Sisterhood of Karn and Rassilon spoke before their falling out over the creation of the Matrix. (Perfection)

Behind the Scenes[]

  • This incarnation of the Doctor is played by Mikey Neumann, who is best known as the creator of Movies with Mikey and the writer of the video game Borderlands.
  • Neumann is, along with Elisa Melendez, one of the players in Hot Quest, a Dungeons & Dragons YouTube series GM'd by Ben Paddon.
  • In the Doctor's chronology, Mikey Neumann's Doctor is the second post-BBC Doctor in the podcast, and the third non-BBC Doctor we learn of.
  • The Doctor of Peace was named as such in the Season 2 Credits released on December 4th, 2020.
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