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The Game of Classilon: Jinkies & Zoinks!
Season: 3
Story Number: P1
Main Characters: Brendan
Featuring: Disneyland cats
Main Enemy: The Man with the Cane
Main Setting: Disneyland, CA
GM: Riley Silverman
No. Episodes: 3
Release Dates: Patreon

Main Feed
Total Running Time: 201 minutes
Following Story: The Buzzard’s Treasure: A Paradoxes & Possibilities Special

The Game of Classilon: Jinkies & Zoinks (often referred to as The Game of Classilon or just Classilon) was the first one-shot adventure released on the Patreon feed. It was later released on the main feed starting December 1st, 2021.

The game was GM'd by Riley Silverman using a version of the Lasers & Feelings RPG system, modified by Silverman, called Jinkies & Zoinks. The adventure is set during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also serves as a loose sequel to Roman Holiday. The adventure uses original characters not part of the core narrative.


Wannabe ghost-hunting teens Voss, Brendan and Wil have their COVID bubble burst by the arrival of an unexpected guest.


Part 1[]

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, aspiring teen ghost hunters Brendan, Voss and Wil are playing Among Us on their phones in Brendan's garage when a scanning device makes a noise. There is then a crash from outside -- a cat, Charlie, has knocked over a trashcan. Charlie is brought into the garage. Brendan creates a rudimentary chip scanner using a TSA handheld metal detector and discovers the cat is tagged as the properly of Disneyland.

Eventually, Charlie reveals that he is able to talk. He tells the kids that he left the park in search of food for his family. Due to the park closure, the cats have not had access to their usual source of sustinence. The teens agree to take Charlie back to the park, driving there in Brendan's car. During the drive, Charlie reveals he has the ability to see peoples' dreams.

They arrive at Downtown Disney and a security guard, after Charlie winks at the cat, allows them entry and directs them towards the Monorail. Charlie says he would like to go to the People Mover, a defunct ride within the park. Charlie reveals that his chip can get him access to "secret areas" in the park. The group boards the still-operational Monorail, ushered aboard by another security guard.

The sun has set and the park is empty. Brendan has a Ghostometer (in reality an EMF reader) to detect ghost activity -- as the Monorail moves through the park the needle occasionally jumps, before settling back down. The Monorail reaches Tomorrowland. Once they disembark Brendan begins scanning with the Ghostometer and picks up a strong signal from the line queue for the People Mover. Charlie directs Brendan to the People Mover. Wil has an AM/FM radio which they use to try and pick up any ghostly signals -- they pick some faint signals on the AM band, like a faint dial-up modem tone. Brendan discovers that they have no cell reception in the park.

The group arrives at the People Mover, and are led by Charlie to the tracks of the ride. They follow the tracks into a building where they find more Disneyland cats. They are approached by an older cat, who thanks them for bringing his son Charlie home. He introduces himself as Elias.

Part 2[]

Elias thanks the group for bringing Charlie home. Charlie apologies for not finding any food and for only finding "idiots" with ghost-tracking tools. Elias, joined by Sorkin the walking-talking cat, calls them "Dreamers" and proceeds to lead them through the park toward New Orleans Square. Sorkin is anxious, worried that "the Man with the Cane" may be somewhere in the area. Sorkin explains that the Man with the Cane may be a ghost, and Wil loudly proclaims that the group are equipped for ghost detection. Voss directs Brendan to use the Ghostometer, who detects the same erratic, fluctating signals he detected when riding the Monorail.

Elias reveals that the Disneyland cats are not actually cats. He describes a temporal incursion that occurred in the park on opening day that broke the sense of time within Disneyland, leaving reality "thin and maleable" as a result, an effect the cats described as "cheese time". The cats arrived arrived through a "time thing" around the time of the incursion. Elias also reveals that the cats are Somnivores - while Somnivores typically feed on dreams, the Disneyland cats have adapted to feed on the emotions of Disneyland guests. However once the park closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, their food supply was cut off. Charlie asks the Dreamers to help them stop the Man with the Cane and bring people back to the park.

They arrive at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which, unlike other rides and venues in the park, is lit up with the sound of pirate singing emintating from inside. Elias provides more information on the Man with the Cane - he is one of many haunted figures that haunt the park, possibly the victims of a plane crash on the properly that occurs in the 1940s. He first appeared when the park closed in 2020.

Wil turns on his AM/FM radio, and picks up the pirates song from the ride - the song sounds as though it is being sung by real people, as opposed to a prerecorded track. Voss encourages Brendan to go on as an advanced scouting party, and Charlie offers to join him. Voss stays behind with Wil and Sorkin.

Charlie is aware that a temporal rift has opened within the ride and attuned itself to the energy of the ride. Consequently, real pirates from Earth's history have fallen through the rift and are running amock inside the ride.

Outside of the ride, Voss, Wil, Elias and Sorkin hear a repeated tapping sound from the distance - the Man with the Cane. Wil votes to try and protect the cats from the Man with the Cane. Elias and Sorkin get scared and dash inside the ride. Voss prepares her phone. Wil turns on his radio to try and communicate with the spirit, but it is not interested in communication and, after a threat, stops talking.

Voss and Wil run into the ride and catch up with everyone else at the boat dock. The cats and the Dreamers board a boat and proceed onto the ride. As it approaches the Puerto Dorado portion of the ride, they see a temporal rift in the ceiling that loosk like an Aurora Borealis. The animatronic man being dunked into the well has been replaced with a real man being drowned by actual pirates. A cannonball whizes past. Wil mistakenly assumes this is all part of the ride, and Charlie bites them to encourage them to duck. Brendan's Ghostometer is going wild.

Voss stands in the boat and address the pirates, asking them to stop shooting. The pirates do not seem to react, but Voss notices that the pirates appear ghostly and ethereal. Elias explains that the Disneyland cats' psychic abilities have historically allowed them to keep the rifts in check, but without a food source they do not have the strength to fulfill their duty any further. Elias asks the Dreamers to help them find a way to close the rift.

Brendan interprets this as the cats needing the group to enjoy themselves on the ride, or to find the cats an alternative source of psychic energy. He tells the other Dreamers that they need to throw "a Pirate Party" to generate joy so that the Disneyland cats can generate enough psychic energy to close the rift. The group designates Voss as the Captain of their crew, and at Brendan's prompting begins playing dance music from her phone. The pirates hear the music and begin to dance.

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Part 3[]

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  • Elias
  • The Man with the Cane
  • Sorkin


  • Big Thunder Railroad Goat
  • Marty
  • Officer Malorie Kingston
  • Officer Silver McLeary
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates
  • Sir Trenton


  • Somnivores previously appeared in Lethargica, and made their (non-canonical) debut in the Gallifrey One 2018 Live Show. This adventure features the first appearance of non-hostile Somnivores.
  • This is the second serial after Roman Holiday to be set in or around Disneyland. The events of that serial play a significant part in the story of this one, set some 65 years later.
    • The "sense of time" around Disneyland as a direct result of the events of Roman Holiday. Time and space is "thinning" in the park due to the high volume of Time Lords that arrived on opening day to capture Roman and Millie. This is referred to by the Disneyland cats as cheese time.
    • This is explicitly compared to the paving stone in Cardiff that was infused with an element of the TARDIS' perception filter, later used as a secret elevator into Torchwood Three. (Everything Changes)
  • The Doctor, Travis and Carrie make cameos at the end of the episode, continuing their search for Toontown. This cameo likely takes place between Recursion of the Daleks and Everything Must Go.
    • Though released earlier in 2021 on the Patreon feed and set between seasons 2 and 3, this cameo marks the last appearance of Travis the Riley!Doctor on the main feed to date.


  • Recorded remotely in February 2021.
  • This adventure uses a modified version of the Lasers & Feelings system called Jinkies & Zoinks. This modification was made by Riley Silverman. Players have two stats - Jinkies for logical actions, Zoinks for emotional ones.
  • The adventure was partially inspired by the Doctor Who spin-off Class. The logo for the show is incorporated into the logo for The Game of Classilon, and the visual style of the opening titles inform the visuals of the cover art. This is the first and only use of a BBC-produced logo within The Game of Rassilon.
  • The NPCs Officer Malorie Kingston and Officer Silver McLeary were named by Patreon backers.
  • The cat Sorkin is named for American writer Aaron Sorkin, and is named in response to Michael's joke about having Elias provide exposition while they "walk and talk". Sorkin is noted for his "walk-and-talk" scenes in shows such as The West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
  • There is a fourth-wall break durign episode 2 in which Wil, Sorkin and Elias discuss the Somnivores as a concept.
  • This is the only 3-part story produced during the third season.

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