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Universe on Fire
Doctor: None
Companions: Brendan
Main Enemy: Somnivores
Main Setting: Disneyland, CA
No. Episodes: 3
Release Dates: 2021-03-24
Total Running Time: 201 minutes
Following Story: TBD

The Game of Classilon: Jinkies & Zoinks (often referred to as The Game of Classilon or just Classilon) is the first Patreon-exclusive one-shot adventure.

The game was GM'd by Riley Silverman using a version of the Lasers & Feelings RPG system, modified by Silverman, called Jinkies & Zoinks. The adventure is set during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also serves as a loose sequel to Roman Holiday. The adventure uses original characters not part of the core adventure.


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Part 1[]

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Part 2[]

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Part 3[]

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  • Elias
  • The Man with the Cane


  • Big Thunder Railroad Goat
  • Marty
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates
  • Sir Trenton
  • Sorkin


  • Somnivores previously appeared in Lethargica, and made their debut in the Gallifrey One 2018 Live Show. This adventure features the first appearance of non-hostile Somnivores that have taken cat form.
  • The "sense of time" around Disneyland as a direct result of the events of Roman Holiday. Time and space is "thinning" in the park due to the high volume of Time Lords that arrived on opening day to capture Roman and Millie. This is referred to by the Disneyland cats as cheese time.
    • This is explicitly compared to the paving stone in Cardiff that was infused with an element of the TARDIS' perception filter, later used as a secret elevator into Torchwood Three. (Everything Changes)
  • Team TARDIS cameos at the end of the episode, continuing their search for Toontown. This cameo likely takes place between Recursion of the Daleks and Everything Must Go.


  • Recorded remotely in February 2021.
  • This adventure uses a modified version of the Lasers & Feelings system called Jinkies & Zoinks. This modification was made by Riley Silverman. Players have two stats - Jinkies for logical actions, Zoinks for emotional ones.
  • The adventure was partially inspired by the Doctor Who spin-off Class. The logo for the show is incorporated into the logo for The Game of Classilon, and the visual style of the opening titles inform the visuals of the cover art.