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The Game of Rassilon is a actual-play podcast where the participants are playing the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. The players use their own incarnation of the Doctor - referred to exclusively as "our Doctor" - with companions Travis Killian and Amelia Earhart. The production describes the podcast as one that "[tells] stories with a brand-new Doctor exploring time and space with a crew of unlikely companions, with an emphasis on great stories and, we hope, big laughs."

Episodes of the podcast are published on a fortnightly schedule, with episodes ranging from 50 to 80 minutes. As with classic Doctor Who, episodes join together to form serials. The first episode was released on January 16th 2019, and was the first in the four-part serial "The Cost of Progress". The show is recorded at Geeky Teas & Games in Burbank, CA.

The podcast was inspired in part by The Adventure Zone, another comedy-focused actual-play podcast on the Maximum Fun network.

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