The Game of Rassilon Live! 2021 took place on March 27th 2021 on the Game of Rassilon YouTube channel. It was the second live show, after Roll for Initiative, to feature the players as their podcast characters, and the live show debut of Kate Lê as Carrie Vu. It also centered around the character Fnarg, who had gone missing. His son, Grarg, was trying to find him.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Doctor, Travis, and Carrie are summoned into the middle of a dangerous investigation by the son of an old friend: Fnarg.

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Production[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first ever streaming show put on by the podcast. It was decided to do a free streaming show due to the postponement of 2021's Gallifrey One event to the following year.
  • This is Châu Kate Lê's first appearance in a live show.
  • Prior to the stream beginning, a "starting shortly" screen was displayed, looping the "Previously On..." music by Luke Baldridge. This is the third time in the show's history that the theme has been used in full, and the first time where it was not used to score an episode.
  • The team used Skype for this live show -- at several points, DM messages appear over players' webcam feeds during the game.
  • Blue Box is both a reference to the Blue Apron brand of delivered meals and to the TARDIS itself. As a sort-of joke, the boxes are slightly smaller on the inside and thus cannot contain all of their ingredients.
  • Martin Freeman is named for the British actor of the same name. Freeman has never appeared in Doctor Who.
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