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Upon meeting the Doctor at T'zim-Shatons, her former Time Lord companion Roman alluded to "the plan". Assuming that Roman was to be trusted, this is a plot that the Doctor and Roman concocted together, or are at least both involved in, that partially required the Doctor not to have any memory of it. (The Handheld War).


Long ago, Rassilon started misusing the Matrix to predict the future and twist it in the Time Lords' favour, and, in the process, ended up torturing the Time Lord minds contained within it. A previous Doctor found out what Rassilon was doing, but the decision to do something about it was not made until the Previous Doctor, when he had finally figured out all the details of The Plan. He wanted to kill Rassilon and free the Time Lords. However, given his impulsive nature, he decided it best that his next incarnation (Riley!Doctor) should do it instead. The details of the plan are never explicitly stated, but rather, they unfold over several season 2 episodes, from Perfection to Recursion Of The Daleks.

At the beginning of season 1, Riley!Doctor awakes in her TARDIS wearing her predecessor's clothes with a note attached to her that simply says "run". She has no memory of how she regenerated, however her TARDIS had crashed in the early-to-mid 90s requiring her to repair it using the technology of the time. The TARDIS is fitted with a Randomiser, preventing the Doctor from setting a destination and ensuring her arrival points remain randomised. Throughout the first half of the first season, the purpose of the note and the Randomiser is unknown, though Roman described the setup as "the running phase". Its purpose is revealed when the Doctor learns who she is running from - the Time Lords, who have dispatched Maxil to track her down (The Handheld War). The Doctor regains her memories of The Plan when she is sent into the Labyrinth by the Sisterhood of Karn (Perfection).

The mystery of the note, memory loss, and Randomiser are resolved by the end of season 2. In order to protect themselves from Rassilon and the Time Lords finding out about The Plan and stopping them, the Previous Doctor regenerates with no memory of The Plan or the set up of The Plan. Between him, Riley!Doctor, and Roman, they ensure a Randomiser - a playlist, full of destinations that the Doctor has to get to - is fitted, and that a note that reads "run" is pinned to The Previous Doctor's clothes (Recursion Of The Daleks).

The Doctor's Plans[]

Having been present when the Doctor explains the plan to a younger version of him, Roman knows all about The Plan (Recursion Of The Daleks). But, due to the nature of The Plan and the Doctor being unable to know about it for her safety, Roman is unable to tell her what The Plan is, despite alluding to it throughout seasons 1 and 2. However, at one point, he cheekily appeases her with his "3-part model" of "the plan", which he later admits was just a breakdown of all the Doctor's plans, and not The Plan (The Enemy of Good).

according to Roman, the Plan begins with "the Running Phase" and ends with what he referred to as "jazz with explosives."