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The Time Lords are one of the inhabitants of the planet Gallifrey. One of the oldest civilizations in the universe, they created and uphold the Laws of Time.


The Time Lords' history prior to their appearance in The Game of Rassilon can be found on the TARDIS Data Core.

Rassilon, the Keeper and the Plan[]

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Gallifrey Reborn[]

After the Doctor, Travis and Carrie stopped the Perfector, the Time Lords and the Sisterhood of Karn were reunited and began working together to make Gallifrey a kinder place. Part of this process involved the formation of the Doctorate Program in which Time Lords of Gallifrey would be given a TARDIS and trained to travel the universe doing good. (The Enemy of the Good) Notable trainees in the Program were Parker Killian (The Enemy of the Good) and the Auditor. (The Sontaran Invasions)

By the time the Master hatched his plan to switch his and the Doctor's place in the timeline, Gallifrey no longer had a President or an Emperor but instead had two Prime Ministers - one representing the Time Lords, and one representing the Sisterhood of Karn. (The Enemy Within)