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Time Squared was the name of the show that took place at place at Gallifrey One: Thirty-Second to Midnight, the 30th Gallifrey One Doctor Who fan convention at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel. This was the fifth live show to take place at a Gallifrey One event.


Arriving in Time Square for New Year's Eve, the Eleventh Doctor and his companions discover an alliance of foes past, present and future have teamed up to disrupt proceedings.


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  • H4N-DLS
  • William the Judoon
  • Dalek Sec
  • Female Silurian
  • The Wire
  • Sandman
  • Danny Pink
  • Bill Potts



  • Elements from this adventure mirror the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home - the villains are made up of characters who parallel the villains from the movie, while multiple "good" Cyberman characters appear. This is lampshaded by GM Dan who calls out "Cyberman: No Way Home" at one point.
  • This live show would have occurred at Gallifrey One in 2021, however the show was postponed that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This is the first live show to be GM'd by someone other than Ben Paddon. This idea was first suggested by Ben to Dan at the end of the 2020 live show.
  • This also marks Ben's debut as a PC in a live show, and the first time Ben has played as an incarnation of the Doctor.
  • The show started ten minutes late, as a Q&A with Sylvester McCoy occurring on the main stage was running ten minutes behind schedule. The group vamped for ten minutes to allow time for people in the main panel to arrive.
  • The show opened with a raffle - two winners won digital copies of the Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game core rulebook, two won digital copies of the Starter Set, and two won both. A coupon code was also shared providing 30% off of First Edition DWRPG content from the Cubicle 7 store.
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