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Valentine of the Daleks was the name given to the live show held at The 31 Flavours of Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, CA on February 14th, 2020. Notably, this is the first entry in any Game of Rassilon show - podcast or live show - to depict the Doctor regenerating. It is also the second appearance of the Daleks, the first story set during the Time War, and the only show to be explicitly stated as non-canonical.


Strap on your +1 bandolier and join the Second Doctor (Christopher Jones), War Ian (Michael Nixon), War Tegan (Riley Silverman), and War Craig & Warmageddon (Dan Peck) as they travel into the heart(s) of the Time War!


The Second Doctor, along with the War Ian, War Tegan, War Craig and the Oncoming Stormageddon arrive at the Capitol on Gallifrey during the Time War. There, an unnamed General tasks them with going to a Dalek prison camp to rescue Chancellor Tomas, a member of the High Council.

He hands them a Time Ring, and they are sent to a jungle. They are attacked by giant mosquitoes, batting them away with leaves and sticks, before heading to the Dalek prison camp.

While attempting to infiltrate the prison camp, two Daleks appear and attempt to shoot Craig and Stormageddon, but the Doctor leaps in the way, taking both bolts and regenerating. He uses his regenerative energy to destroy the Daleks, and changes into a Third Doctor. The excess regenerative energy grows Stormageddon into a teenager. Ian locates a usable Dalek ray gun, and arms himself. They enter the camp.

Sneaking in, the Doctor knows where the cell is and leads them there. When they arrive, the door disappears and the room grows in size. A display shows a Dalek Puppet - she reveals that Chancellor Tomas never really existed - this was their first test use of the Temporal Snare, a device that allows them to rewrite history. By rewriting Time Lord history to make them believe a Chancellor Tomas had been taken, they have confirmed the successful operation of the device by the arrival of the Doctor and his companions. Now they can move forward with their plan - erasing the Time Lords from history entirely.

Ian and Tegan flirt with the Dalek Puppet. She releases them and tells them where to find the core of the Temporal Snare. They arrive at the Snare to find a Time Lord soldier - Tomas - rigged to the machine. The Puppet explains that the device pulls from the imagination of the unconscious Time Lord to generate possible alternative histories which they can then paste over the current timeline. After some debate, Tomas is unplugged from the machine. Ian shoots at it with his ray gun, and they begin their escape.

As they escape, they are chased by angry Daleks "yelling that thing they yell." Stormageddon releases the regeneration energy he'd built up, reducing him back to a baby and creating a wall of energy keeping the Daleks at bay. Team TARDIS and Tomas escape the prison camp just as it disintegrates, successfully completing their mission.




  • Tomas
  • Dalek Puppet


  • The General


  • In 2022, The Game of Rassilon crew deemed all Gallifrey One live shows to be non-canonical. This live show, however, was the first to have its non-canonical status explicitly stated in the episode description.
  • Tweets by Ben Paddon suggest that this adventure would be set during both the Time War and season 6B.
  • The Second Doctor frequently calls out for companion Jamie.
  • All of the characters in this story are wearing Bandoliers, granting them a single use of the Resourceful Pockets trait. The War Doctor wore a bandolier as part of his outfit.
  • The Eleventh Doctor also used his regenerative energy to destroy a Dalek ship. (The Time of the Doctor)
  • Notably, the third incarnation of the Doctor that appears in this episode is not the Third Doctor as portrayed in the TV series by Jon Pertwee but rather an alternate regeneration. The most notable difference is that this Doctor speaks exclusively in Russian, though the TARDIS translates this for the benefit of the companions and audience. Though no real description of this Third Doctor is given during the show, he is at one point compared by the GM to actor Sam Rockwell, and is at varying points referred to by names such as the Chicago Doctor, the Boston Doctor, and the East Coast Doctor.


  • This is the first live event held at Gallifrey One to be released as a podcast, though it was not the first to be recorded. Technical issues prevented the release of the previous year's show.
  • Christopher Jones' departure and replacement by Drew Hamilton 40 minutes into the adventure is the first time two separate people have played the Doctor in one adventure.
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