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Where Angels Fear To Trek
Season: 1
Story Number: 2b
Doctor: Riley!Doctor
Companions: Travis Killian, Amelia Earhart
Main Enemy: Weeping Angels
Main Setting: UBD Patriarch, 2533
No. Episodes: 2
Release Dates: 2019-03-27 - 2019-04-10
Total Running Time: 153 minutes
Previous Story: The Edge of Discovery
Following Story: Lethargica

Where Angels Fear To Trek is the title given to parts two and three of the second serial in the first season of The Game of Rassilon.


The TARDIS is pulled aboard the starship Patriarch; the Doctor, Millie and Travis find themselves in orbit above the planet Epsilon IX. But something dangerous lurks on the planet below…


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  • Michelle Digman
  • Captain Dorothy Ellison
  • Engineer Galen
  • Lt. Matheson
  • Commander Peeples
  • Dr. Trimble
  • Weeping Angels


  • Ensign Xander
  • Ensign Zebrowski
  • Patriarch Computer



Alternative artwork used to promote the first episode on social media.

  • Recorded back-to-back with The Edge of Discovery, which is considered a lead-into to this adventure and thus part of the same serial.
  • This is the first episode with a cold open prior to the opening theme.
  • Much of this episode takes inspiration from Star Trek. This is in part because the serial is loosely based on a pitch Ben came up with when invited to pitch to a high-profile Star Trek fan-series. Ultimately the pitch went unused, and Ben later brought it to Michael who suggested they use it for the podcast.
  • Two pieces of library music from Kevin MacLeod - “Space X-plorers” and “Controlled Chaos” - are used in this serial.
  • Recorded at Geeky Teas & Games in Burbank, California.


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